Saving on medical billing services


Medical billing, managing accounts receivables, collections, and reimbursement analytics can be some of the most time-consuming and difficult challenges for physicians and medical / healthcare organizations. At GNOS Medical, our goal is to shoulder the burden of medical billing revenue cycle management so that you can focus on delivering optimal care to your patients. Though many companies offer varying levels of transactional medical billing services, GNOS Medical is unique in its breadth of services, infrastructure, innovation, and commitment to ensuring your claims are correctly submitted and rapidly reimbursed. Our certified medical billing and coding specialists work together as a team to manage each claim from start to finish and obtain payment from a wide variety of insurance providers. Of course, sensitive patient and practice information is protected and handled in a highly secure manner to ensure confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards. By offering faster claims processing, accounts receivable transparency, and a strong track record for getting maximum reimbursement, you can feel confident and assured that your medical billing is expertly, efficiently, and effectively managed.

Our cutting edge technology along with our unique process system provides medical professionals and& facilities of any size with the most efficient, reliable &and cost effective solution that industry has to offer.

We are fully ICD-10, AAPC, and AHIMA compliant. Our credentialing experts have extensive experience in CAQH. Our certified professionals and coders will maximize an efficient collection process that will be transparent to you, and have minimal effect on your operation. Our computer assisted coding (CAC) software is designed to be customizable to your specialty and the specific needs of your practice

Our core billing services

    • Prompt submission of claims by electronic transmission (or paper transmission where necessary) within two business days. Our Innovative Dashboard software is designed to foresee potential issues before claims are submitted.
    • Review of denied and unpaid claims to determine claim status and take appropriate action to expedite claim payment and/or resubmission.
    • Provision of concise and accurate monthly reports, which include summaries of all account activity (e.g., amount billed, received, and adjusted).


Credentialing is the process by which the experience and qualifications of physicians and medical practices are evaluated, validated, and registered with insurers. Without proper credentialing, an insurance provider may choose to make only partial payments or withhold payments entirely. Preparing credentialing applications for multiple entities is a costly and time-consuming process.

Our goal is to simplify that process in a cost-effective, accurate, and timely manner.
Our team assembles all of the credentialing documentation and submits it to insurers to obtain participation status in networks or to obtain a streamlined payment process when you are out of network.

What makes GNOS Medical Billing Services Different?

Unmatched Breadth of Services

GNOS Medical provides a full suite of billing services including the following:

    • Insurance verification and data entry
    • Electronic / paper claim submissions
    • Posting payments from EOBs and ERAs
    • Processing rejected claims, denials and appeal
    • Actively Accounts Receivable.
    • Invoicing patients and operating a patient Call Center.
    • Coding accurately for proper reimbursement without delay.

Additionally, for reference labs, we offer a billing management dashboard that enables real-time analytics so that you can quickly assess the financial health of your laboratory, and the life cycle of the specimen from sample collection to insurance adjudication. This cloud-based analytics platform is the perfect solution for seamlessly aligning LIMS data with billing data so that you can make more informed financial decisions. A “Lite” version of the billing management dashboard is also offered as a value-added service for GNOS Medical medical billing clients.

Personalized Service and a Team of Experts

As a GNOS Medical Consulting medical billing service client, you are supported by an integrated staff of approximately 100 experienced certified billing professionals, and a senior leadership team of highly experienced medical billing experts. Beyond the size of our infrastructure, though, we believe the strongest medical billing relationships depend on trust, consistency, transparency, proactivity, and personalized service. As your partner, we take these qualities very seriously. We maintain full transparency regarding claim status and accounts receivable, and our proactive approach to management of your accounts receivable ensures the following:

    • Maximum possible reimbursement
    • Identification of hidden revenue opportunities
    • 24 – 48 hour claims processing (compared to industry average of 10 days)

  • Maximum

    possible reimbursement

  • Identification

    of hidden revenue opportunities

  • 24 - 48 hour

    claims processing (compared to industry average of 10 days)

We also provide you with a dedicated single point of contact in our billing department, and an alternate, to ensure you always receive immediate attention and support. With our extremely low turnover rate among billing personnel, you can be assured that your personalized service will remain consistent and seamless.

Innovative Dashboard™ for Making More Informed Financial Decisions

The GNOS Medical management software dashboard for medical billing has been carefully designed to provide ultimate flexibility, access to data, and analytics capabilities. This tool, designed and owned by GNOS Medical, aligns all relevant LIMS data with the appropriate billing data in a live dashboard. We enable you to combine the laboratory and billing lifecycle data so that you are proactively informed about your accounts receivable and claims lifecycles status to make real-time decisions.

Patient Invoicing and Call Center

Finally, we will issue invoices to patients after their insurance plan has assigned a patient responsibility for your services. To support that initiative, we have a dedicated call center for patients, with your own unique patient toll-free number. Our call center agents will educate your patients about their insurance plan and coverage, their Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and their payment obligations, and compassionately address their concerns and payment options.

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