Nue Medical Lab services

The Clinical Laboratory Services industry has seen significant growth over the past few years. New state and federal laws and regulations mandate that physicians provide toxicology testing for their patients who are prescribed chronic pain relievers and other opiates. Historically, physicians have obtained lab services from large toxicology reference labs. Those labs do not always provide the flexibility and responsiveness required in your dynamic environment. Physicians are turning to specialty labs to get the customer service they require. Regionally based toxicology reference labs have stepped up to respond to the physicians’ demands. Additionally, when feasible, physicians and practitioners have realized that performing these tests in a physician owned laboratory (POL) gives them greater control of testing requisitions, improves turnaround time for faster clinical decision making, and captures a revenue stream they had previously passed to a reference laboratory. With the challenges of maintaining sustainable revenue streams in a rapidly changing managed care environment, the POL can assist by improving patient care while also elevating the overall business health of a practice. As a result, GNOS Medical has helped numerous practices gain control of their toxicology testing and improve revenue by advising in the entire startup and operation process of a CLIA certified, high-complexity toxicology laboratories.

The Laboratory Services side of GNOS Medical provides physicians and/or lab owners a true TURNKEY model of building a high complexity toxicology lab, which includes every step in the process. The GNOS Medical solution includes:

  • Design and site-planning for the toxicology laboratory
  • Certification, accreditation, and licensure with various regulatory agencies
  • Equipment selection, installation, and financing/leasing arrangements
  • Recruitment of personnel, from medical technicians to medical directors
  • Training courses in our dedicated hands-on training facility
  • Development and implementation of a Laboratory Information Management System to interface with EMR/EHR and billing systems
  • Quality control protocols
  • Equipment maintenance, technical support, and personnel proficiency
  • Ongoing technical, operational, and compliance support

You will be guided and supported by GNOS Medical experts every step of the build out and operations of your lab. Whether you plan to test a few hundred samples per month or thousands of samples per week, our teams of operational experts provide you with a seamless approach to building and sustaining your own genetic or toxicology laboratory in as few as 12 weeks.